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Honest, no-nonsense business advice and support. How refreshing.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey, sometimes you need someone to turn to for help.

Whether you need a want pair of eyes to look over a business plan to make sure that you haven’t missed anything; or you would like someone to help you plan out the next stage as your business grows; or you need help overcoming a knotty problem; I work with owner/managers of small businesses to help them every step of the way.

I’m Tom and I don’t charge large fees, write a pretty report and then disappear leaving you to work out what to do next, nor will my business advice focus on only one narrow area. I look at the whole of your business and produce a comprehensive action plan which we can work through together.

Business advice from someone who has actually spent 25+ years running small businesses.

I understand that running a small business can be lonely. You work long hours to realise your dream but don’t have anyone to turn to for advice or to discuss your plans. I am always available for a chat on the phone or over a coffee and, unlike some business advisors, I don’t bill by the hour so you don’t need to worry about the meter ticking away.

If you would like honest, no nonsense, advice then call me on 01780 430021 or click here to arrange a free, no-obligation, chat over a nice cup of coffee.

Core Values

25 years of business experience

25 years experiences running small business & start ups

Business advice at a fixed fee

Always available, I don’t bill by the hour

Business advice for growth

Grow your business and take all the stress away!

On going business advice and support

Help every step of the way

Honest, no nonsense business advice and support

Honest, no nonsense advice and support

Key Services

Business advice and support for start-ups

Start your new venture with the reassuring knowledge that your business plan has been reviewed by someone with more than 25 years’ experience in running small businesses. Get onTrack and start the right way.

Grow your company with business advice and support

Is it time to take a step back and look at the whole of your business? Get an experienced set of fresh eyes to help you review your business and Stay onTrack.

Problem solving with business advice and support

Talk to us to see how we can help identify the root cause of your business problems. Talk to us for honest business advice and practical action plans. Talk to us to get your business Back onTrack.

When I reached the point in my business where I knew I was to start the next chapter and step it up a gear, I turned to Tom, and I’m glad I did. I run a creative business and the idea of sitting down with a suit and looking at spreadsheets and deciphering power words and acronyms leaves me cold, so it came as a great relief to find Tom’s approach was nothing of the sort.

By breaking down my head full of concerns and questions and looking at my business one aspect at a time, Tom was able to make me realise this was not a point in my development to worry, but rather a time to feel excited about the next stage. With some helpful tools and systems I was able to set realistic goals and structure my to-do list in a far less chaotic and intimidating manner. I’m moving forward with a far more defined plan and the future excites me. But it’s also good to know that Tom’s on hand any time there may be blip, query or slip of confidence.

Rich Beach, Owner, Beach Media and award winning videographer