onTRACTION Stamford group - peer to peer support, collaboration and accountability

onTRACTION = support, collaboration and accountability

  • Do you find it hard to set aside time to focus ON your business?

  • Do you set yourself goals and actions but let yourself off the hook?

  • Do you have trusted friends who will provide you with impartial advice?

Find out more about onTRACTION, our peer to peer support, collaboration and accountability group – click here to book a no obligation meeting for coffee (and cake!).


Sometimes it can be difficult to know who to turn to for non-judgemental advice. It is great to have a group of trusted friends, all of whom run their own businesses, all of whom have a wealth of business experience, and all of whom are committed to helping you and your business improve.

It is important to regularly take a step back from the day to day running of our business, spend time looking at the business itself and how it could be improved. The trouble is that the day to day pressures can easily take precedence and our well-intentioned planning sessions get pushed back and forgotten.

Set aside just half a day every month to meet up with a peer group of like-minded business owners; away from the office, away from interruptions and focusing only on improving your business. That is onTRACTION.

You will tap into the experiences of other onTRACTION group members to focus on the issues in your business. Your onTRACTION group is there to support you and to hold you accountable for the actions that you commit to take each month.

Running your own business need not be a lonely struggle as long as you have a the onTRACTION group to help you every step of the way.

Tom and the Stamford onTRACTION group have been amazing, I feel supported and pushed by the group in the most positive ways; always leaving our meetings feeling energised and excited about moving my business forward. To anyone thinking about joining the group, I would say check it out, it was the best decision I have made since setting up my own business.

group member

Since joining the Stamford onTRACTION group I have been able to improve my ability to work ON my business, something that rarely happened before. Being able to talk to a diverse group in confidence, getting a broad range of views, opinions and approaches has been incredibly valuable. After only two sessions my business has taken tangible steps towards where I want it to be.

group member

The advantage of talking to Tom about your business lies in his experience: he has been there and done it. I would highly recommend any business to take a step back and with Tom’s guidance review what your next steps are to achieve your business goals. It is time well spent.

group member

I attended a taster session run by Tom in Stamford and could immediately see how the people around the table would help me develop my business. I joined the onTRACTION group there and then.

I am part of a group of diverse, intelligent, and ultimately pleasant business people with whom I am free to trust and be trusted with very privileged information.

My thoughts and processes, as well as the future plans of my business, are run past my peers, and their opinions sought – even if I think I know the way I am going.

The accountability aspect is not the pivotal point of my membership, however, the sharing of ideas and processes linked to expected outcomes and the evidence of putting those into practice, are.

Our group leader is a star and allows us to develop of our group, he is the cement that keeps us to programme and “On Track”.

group member

The advantages of being part of the Stamford onTRACTION group for me, outshines any other business tool or network.

It helps with areas far from my comfort zone and acts as a confidential sounding board to help with business problems in the office, home or social life alike.

If it impacts on your business, the onTRACTION group helps you to resolve the problem and to push forward with business.

group member