“Tom is an excellent communicator who quickly explains our plans to the team here at icLighting and engages them in working towards our goals. The team are very well disposed to Tom and look forward to his monthly input and guidance Initially our difficulty was implementing the changes that Tom proposed but Tom has effortlessly shown us how to change tack and we have seen the results in increased sales growth.

Tom’s approach is very collaborative and I feel that he is always there to support me as well as my team thus delivering real results to our business.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tom to any Managing Director who is too busy working in his business to have time or energy to recognize the opportunities open to them. Tom is a great “fresh pair of eyes” backed up with excellent practical hands on business experience.”

Alex Lancashire

Managing Director, icLighting Ltd

“Tom has been working with me since the summer 2014 to help grow my training and development business.

He has looked at all aspects of the business from long term strategy to daily processes and has been quick to identify the areas that we should work together on in order to achieve the maximum benefit in the shortest time.

Tom is an excellent business mentor, very supportive and always positive. His experience in business and coaching key personnel shines through, and his knowledge is there to be utilized. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Kevin Ayton

Owner, KSA Ltd

“When I reached the point in my business where I knew I was to start the next chapter and step it up a gear, I turned to Tom, and I’m glad I did. I run a creative business and the idea of sitting down with a suit and looking at spreadsheets and deciphering power words and acronyms leaves me cold, so it came as a great relief to find Tom’s approach was nothing of the sort.

By breaking down my head full of concerns and questions and looking at my business one aspect at a time, Tom was able to make me realise this was not a point in my development to worry, but rather a time to feel excited about the next stage. With some helpful tools and systems I was able to set realistic goals and structure my to-do list in a far less chaotic and intimidating manner. I’m moving forward with a far more defined plan and the future excites me. But it’s also good to know that Tom’s on hand any time there may be blip, query or slip of confidence.”

Rich Beach

Owner, Beach Media

“Tom has been working with me for the last 6 months as a business coach, supporting me as I look to take the business forward with an equity investor. He has worked mainly on the financial controls and business strategy but he takes an overall view of the business and is quickly able to draw out the key points that are holding it back. Tom’s approach is very supportive and I always feel that he is in my corner. Tom’s experience and knowledge will enable our business to grow leaps and bounds.”

Shamus Ogilvy

Managing Director, XA Trading Ltd