Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which onTRACK programme is best for me?


GET onTRACK is tailored for start up businesses with one or two employees.

STAY onTRACK is designed around businesses that have been trading for a couple of years and are looking to grow beyond the initial stages.

BACK onTRACK is for established businesses who have hit a snag and want help in getting to the root cause and finding a practical solution.

Q. How does the onTRACK process work?

A. The onTRACK process is very straight forward and follows the same pattern no matter which programme you follow:

  • You can take the free mini business health check (but this is not vital)
  • We meet up over a nice cup of coffee to establish which programme would suit you best
  • A thorough business review is conducted and an action plan agreed
  • We meet up every month to make sure that the actions have taken place and to set new actions for the following month
  • Regular calls make sure that you stay onTrack to complete the agreed actions and to help solve any issues that may crop up

onTRACK infographic showing the process

Q. What is the investment needed to join the onTRACK programme?

A. I believe in honesty and transparency. A full price list for each programme can be found here. I don’t just look at your business and come up with a figure that I think you can afford; pricing is dependent upon the programme selected and the number of employees in your company.

Q. I am not clear on the benefits of the onTRACK programme?

A. No matter which programme you join, you will receive a full business diagnostic review leading to a clear, practical action plan. You will then receive monthly face to face visits to monitor progress and help you ensure that you are achieving your goals. You will also receive ongoing telephone support to help take the actions and address any issues that may crop up.

Q. Do you specialise in certain industries?

A. I have more than 25 years experience in actually running small businesses as well as many clients for the advice service. The skills that I have learnt are applicable most businesses but I do not work with retail or hospitality and leisure businesses.

Key Services

Start your new venture with the reassuring knowledge that your business plan has been reviewed by someone with more than 25 years’ experience in running small businesses. Get onTrack and start the right way.

Is it time to take a step back and look at the whole of your business? Get an experienced set of fresh eyes to help you review your business and Stay onTrack.

Talk to us to see how we can help identify the root cause of your business problems. Talk to use for honest business advice and practical action plans. Talk to us to get your business Back onTrack.